In-Circuit Test Fixtures

Joule applies standard design and manufacturing processes to ensure that you’ll get what you asked for. Even the most complex boards can be accommodated using standard actuation methods.

We build for these ATE platforms and more:

  • Agilent 3070
  • GenRad
  • Teradyne
  • TRi
  • Digitaltest

Our fixture verification process contains 100% sense and power line wire validation and authentication of pointing accuracy through direct measurements of probe indentations on the test pads.

All routing, overclamp part placement, side access units and any other custom requirement is first proved out electronically prior to the fixture build process commencing.

Since 1999, Joule Technologies has been making ICT Fixtures.

We manufacture fixtures for all ATE platforms.

  • Vacuum boxes, overclamps & pneumatic gates
  • Down to 1 mm probe
  • LED Verification
  • Thru connector testing
  • X-Probe® & Focal ProbeTM Capable
  • Topside probing
  • Thermal Management
  • Bi-level probing (400 and 250 stroke probing)
  • Strain-gauge testing
  • Board stress analysis
  • Side access (pneumatic and vacuum assisted)
  • Quick turn options (same day for 3070s)

We are able to take data in all formats to convert to usable files on our manufacturing machines. If you have any questions on how to design a fixture or what the preferred data formats are take a look at our library of information written to aid the test engineer.