We share your end goal.

And everything we do is designed to support getting there. We know production waits on you. That’s why Joule is committed to innovation, robust quality, predictable lead times, excellent service and ultimately, a successful solution that meets your needs.

In-Circuit Test Fixtures

When is a commodity not a commodity? When something sets it apart. Read more...

With Joule’s in-circuit test (ICT) fixtures, that something is our process, which gets you a high-performing ICT fixture in a timely fashion. Our experience and commitment to excellence make us the partner of choice for your ICT fixture needs.

View a sampling of our In-Circuit Test Fixtures and learn more.

Functional Test Fixtures

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Joule excels in the design and manufacture of functional and custom test fixtures. Our expertise combines with our process to ensure that every custom project we do meets our customer’s precise expectations.

Our expertise includes:

  • Mechanical, pneumatic and vacuum actuations
  • Probing from the top, bottom and sides
  • Probing female and male connectors
  • LED verification
  • Connector to sacrificial connector mating
  • Dual-stage mechanical and pneumatic overclamps

View a sampling of our Functional Test Fixtures and learn more here.

Turnkey Solutions

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If you need the whole enchilada from Joule, we’ve got virtual partners. People we trust, whose expertise in testing complements ours.

The software gurus. The instrumentation wonks. We bring them on board to customize a total solution for your testing needs. You’ll have one easy point of contact to keep the project collaborative. We’ll sweat the details.

You’ll love the results.  Learn more here.

Contract Assembly

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Focus on what you do best, and let Joule handle your low-volume assembly needs that fall outside of your “sweet spot.” Joule can handle mechanical, electro-mechanical and other types of assembly projects that require design, machining and/or wiring.

Let us help with your assembly needs.  Learn more.