Our Guarantee

Simple but powerful—We’ll make it right. Period.

At Joule, our goal is always to provide our clients with the products they need, that perform in production exactly as they should. In fact, it’s more than our goal. It’s our guarantee.

Your Satisfaction

To us, a sale is not complete until the product we build for you is in production, doing exactly what you expected it to do. Throughout your de-bugging, integration and qualifications process, our guarantee remains.

Although weeks or months may elapse from the time we ship to you to the time productions begins, our guarantee stands. If you put our product into production and it’s not working the way you expected, let us know. We don’t want you to have something from Joule that is not working for you in a satisfactory way.

Joule will make it right. Every time. It’s our privilege to make sure that you’re completely satisfied.